Our Own Project, Coming in TimeMany Pictures Of This Jobs Progression. This Was a Complete OverhaulA Design Overview, Plenty of Progression Pics Coming
A Four Car Garage With Living Quarters Atop. Quite an UndertakingMisc Cabinets/KitchensComplete Home Overhaul, Pics ComingWhite, What More Needs Said?Extremely Colorful People; It Comes Out in the CountertopsVery Custom Floor TilePinwheel Tile In Jacuzzi InstallBlue? Thats What the Homeowner Wants, Thats What He Gets. Turned out Well Though. Pics Coming.Typical Garage, Progress Pics EventuallyA Gambrel Style Room Addition with A Large Room Atop, also Spiral Stairwell for Space Coservation.Custom Design Pole Barn, Plenty More Built, Coming Soon.Expansion Pics Soon.Expansion Pics Soon.Expansion Pics Soon.Expansion Pics Soon.Complete Progression Pics Coming Soon

Additional pictures coming /time permitting all thumbnails will expand.

Complete Progression Pics Coming SoonComplete Progression Pics Coming Soon

Room additions






Gambrel garage and living space

Cedar room addition

Custom stools

Custom Decks

Custom Sunroom

Custom windows