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A personal approach to a professional practice

Needs has an extensive history in the trades. No matter the job scope we have connections or in house employees to suit your needs for timely service and competitive costs.

Owner operator Ben Guyer

Licensed, bonded, insured

For all of your Needs

The best quality for your dollar is our goal. Your satisfaction is our business. Excellent references that give us bragging rights.

Strait to the chase, we work for you!!! A personal approach with honesty and great experience. We/I will happily work hand in hand with you through your decisions.

Always assume you as a homeowner will want additional changes, please adjust your budget with a monetary cushion; most people add many additional tasks along the way, these change orders do make a monetary difference.

Remodeling is a trying time for anyone's patience level. We/I try to make this time as pleasant as possible. Your concerns deserve our attention and patience is one of our many virtues, we hope we can perform quickly and efficiently enough to keep your patronage.

We guarantee the best satisfaction your hard earned dollar can afford.


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A 2400 sq ft masterpiece

523 Dickinson

Bernard, IA  52032

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Phone 563-321-1238 Official Business line 563-879-4226 Toll Free 888-595-Need


We appreciate custom jobs!!!

Expedience and great winter prices.

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